Brain Injury Causes

Brain injury can be the result of:
- Motor vehicle accidents
- Falls
- Industrial and sporting accidents
- Violence
- Strokes, tumours and other medical causes
- Lack of oxygen to the brain.

Individual Support & Advocacy

Qualified care staff support individuals to achieve their personal goals.


We  conduct a range of programs for adults with ABI regardless of support needs. These include sport & fitness, creative activities and a variety of organised workshops.

Who is Eligible?

People who have an acquired brain injury:
-Aged from 18- 65 years
-Have left school
-Are medically stable
- Not dependent on alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.

A little insight, about our company

We provide a wide range of support and advocacy services which are specifically designed to improve lifestyle outcomes for people living with an ABI.

Providing training and support to people with acquired brain injury.

Headway’s staff are committed to the provision of high quality service to people who have an ABI.

We believe that people with an ABI have the right to enjoy a quality of life that is at least comparable to that enjoyed prior to their disability.


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